industrial clusters in Zhejiang

Newest Industrial Clusters in Zhejiang,China

when you are importing products from China,must learn the industrial clusters,it can help you find true factory suppliers,this article introduces the Newest industrial clusters in Zhejiang Province China.

you should knot that products made in China all have their own industrial clusters.For example, if you want to import toys from China, you can go to Chenghai, or search toys suppliers that are located in this town. Because Chinese toy products’ industrial clusters are mostly located in Chenghai, where you are more likely to get the best price or find toy factories.

1.Yiwu City-World’s Largest Wholesale Center

Being world’s largest wholesale center, Yiwu provides incalculable products for exporting to all over the world every year, mainly are low-value and daily used products.

Yiwu wholesale market has around 70, 000 booths which makes it more of a huge fair. Accessories, Christmas products, all kinds of hardware and many other products are available in its all districts. But most these products are not made in Yiwu, but made in cities closed by. About the booth owner, some are factory and others are middlemen, and it needs some experience to distinguish them.

2.Yongkang City-Hardware Capital of China

Same as Yiwu, Yongkang is a county-level city, also belong to Jinghua City. As “China’s capital of hardware and door“, Yongkang city has several important industrial clusters: automobile components, door industry, cup industry, electronic tools, electronic appliances and cookware.

The advantageous products include vacuum cup, electric scooter, different kinds of metal doors, etc. You can also find Household cleaning products factories here in Yongkang, such as mop, apron, and clean cloth, etc. Yongkang is also one of the two main manufacturing areas of balancing scooter in China, the hottest product in 2015, and another one is Shenzhen.

eg:Hardware Tools Metal Door Automobile Components Vacuum Cup

3.WenzhouCity-Electrical Machinery, Shoes, and Capital of Packaging

When talking about Wenzhou, the first thing come to mind is shoes, not only for exporting, but also for domestic market. There are all kinds of shoes factories: from large-scale factories to small workshops, including shoes for women, men, and kids.

Cangnan is one of most important county-level cities in Wenzhou, who is known for being packaging materials’ cluster. Longgang is a town of Cangnan, and people call it “Capital of Packaging in China”. Here you can find anything that has relation to packaging, like non-woven fabrics shopping bag, packaging for food or clothing, etc.

Another famous county-level city in Wenzhou is Yueqing City, who is called “China’s capital of low-voltage electric appliances”. Such as voltmeter, transformer, frequency converter, etc. You can also find electronic components factories in this city.

Rui’an City mainly produce automobile components for cars and motorcycles, such as brake block, rearview, etc.

eg:Women Shoes Paper Package Transformer Motorcycle Components

4.Taizhou City-Plastic and Rubber Products Cluster

Taizhou City is located to the north of Wenzhou City, and its mainly products are related to plastics and rubber. Plastic products can be divided into several different kinds: PP, ABS, PVC, etc. And can be used in daily like plastic storage box, plastic chair. Most rubber products manufactured here are also for daily usage. For instance, rubber gloves, rubber coaster, etc.

Huangyan, one important county-level city in Wenzhou, is called “China’s capital of mold and art ware”. Art ware made of plastic, wood, glass, metal, and other materials.

eg:Plastic Storage Box Rubber Gloves Mold of Chair Seat Cushion

industrial clusters in Zhejiang

industrial clusters in Zhejiang

5.Shaoxing City-Textile and Umbrella Clusters

Shaoxing City is famous for its textile cluster, and it’s mainly gathered in a small town called Keqiao, where you can find all kinds of fabric: knitted fabric, spinning fabric, cotton fabric, polyester fabric, etc. You can also source other textile products in Keqiao, such as bedding articles, curtain, carpet, etc.

Zhuji City, known as “Capital of Socks in China“, is an important county-level city in the west of Shaoxing. Here are numerous socks factories produce stocking, anklet, leggings and other kinds of socks for men, women, and kids.

Another important county-level city in Shaoxing is Shangyu City, which is called “Capital of Umbrella in China“, and most umbrellas will be originally produced here. If you are dealing with umbrella suppliers from other cities, you should know that they probably are trading companies or middlemen.


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