How to import face masks and protective from China?

How to import face masks and protective from China?

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Therefore, the import of medical masks from China is a big topic. Factories in China are working at full capacity to cover unexpected demand.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for medial masks increased immeasurably. The production of masks has quickened up, though there is a current shortage in some hospitals. There are also little to no masks for employees in the service industry. Most masks are made in China, in total at least 50% of global production

According to WHO recommendations, to protect oneself from the virus, one should wear the face mask if taking care of a sick person and gloves. You can find the information on How to import Nitrile Gloves from China in our other article.

Importing medical masks from China

Importing medical masks from China

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Masks Manufacturers in China

The import of medical masks from China – production areas

The largest production hubs of the surgical masks are in such Chinese cities as Wuhan, Ningbo, Suzhou, Guangzhou, and Hefei. Mask materials are manufactured mainly in four provinces: Guangdong, Zhejiang (Xialu), Hubei (Xiantao), and Fujian. Pengchang, located in Xiantao, is known as the “capital of fibers.”

It was estimated that up to 22 million masks were manufactured in China per day before the pandemic. As the demand increased, the factories intensified the production of masks, reaching 200 million per day. Besides, manufacturers from other industries have opened their production lines, contributing to increased supply. The masks are available in various sizes and colors; the standard ones are blue and white.

The import face masks from China – trade shows

Participation in trade fairs is an excellent opportunity for the importer to find a business partner. Also, such events make it possible to compare the offers of many producers in a short time. Below are examples of fairs where exhibitors present procedure face masks,meltblown cloth and similar goods.

  • China International Medical Equipment Fair

Date: June 3-6, 2020

Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China

Official site: https://www.cmef.com.cn/g1225.aspx

About 200,000 participants attend the large-scale CMEF trade show. During the event, you will be able to find various types of face masks.

  • China (Guangzhou) International Fire Safety and Emergency Equipment Exhibition

Date: June 28-30, 2020

Location: Guangzhou – Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Official site: http://www.cgiese.com/index.php?siteid=2

The CFE is the largest and most influential trade show in the industry in the south of China. The previous edition attracted 40,000 participants. During the 2020 edition, some of the 800 exhibitors will present surgical masks.

  • China (Beijing) International Medical Devices Exhibition

Date: September 23-25, 2020

Location: Beijing – China International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

Official site: http://www.china-medexpo.com/beijing/english/index.asp

The fair focuses on all kinds of medical devices and equipment. Procedure masks are also among them.

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