How to Import from China to Philippines

How to Import from China to Philippines? Complete Guide

Do I need import license for importing from China to Philippines?

No general import permit for importing products from China.

But you might need a permit to import from a federal agency certain goods from China.

If you want to import goods from China to the Philippines, then this article is for you.

How to Ship your Goods from China to the Philippines?
When importing from China to the Philippines, you can:

1. Let your supplier handle it
2. Do it yourself
3. Hire a China freight forwarder to do it

Where to Source the Best Products in China?
Here is where you might find the right products for you

· Online Sourcing Websites
· Trade Shows
· Online Searches
· Sourcing with a Sourcing Agent in China

Which Popular Products to Sell in the Philippines?
The Philippines has an extensive market for made-in-china products.

If you want to import safely and sell hassle-free you can consider the following products:

Furniture items like office desks, dining sets, beds, cabinets, etc.
Machinery and plant equipment
Tricycles, motorcycles, and bicycles
Steel products
Ceramic items
Electricals and electronic equipment
Construction materials
Plastic and plastic products
Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment

These are not the only ones. Of course, there are many other products that you can import from China.

You just need to do your research, identify your niche and then work on it.

Where to Source the Best Products in China
Sourcing products from China can seem daunting, but in a real sense, it isn’t.

You just need to do due diligence in finding the right supplier to deliver the products that you need.

Here is where you might find the right products for you

· Online Sourcing Websites
Online sourcing websites are large online directories where manufacturers list their available products.

These sites include,,, etc.

They are incredible resources to browse and see the selection and type of products available.

Here, you can get a general idea of what is available and general pricing information.

Besides, most suppliers list their MOQs here as well.

The best part:

You can chat and contact suppliers/manufacturers directly on these sites.

These sites include,,, etc.

Tip: Since 2020, a large number of fraudulent suppliers have appeared on B2B platforms and online websites, and many customers have fallen into fraud. Please be sure to do supplier verification report.

· Trade Shows
Visiting trade shows is an excellent way to see the product selection available in China as well as meet potential suppliers.

Here, you can walk the floor and have an up-close view of all the products in different industries.

You get to meet the sellers in person and talk business with them immediately.

When you meet potential sellers in trade shows, I recommend that you talk to them there and then and later do a factory visit.

This is so that you can be sure of the sellers’ capability to deliver the kind of products that you need.

The biggest trade show in China is the Canton fair which takes places twice a year in spring and autumn.

There is also the Hong Kong mega show which takes place annually.

· Online Searches
You can locate suppliers in China by performing a targeted search on your favourite search engine.

To avoid the thousands of results that comes with general searches, use specific keywords.

The best way to do this is to type in your ‘product +supplier, factory or manufacturer + china.’

If you find this overwhelming, you can try using China sourcing agents.

Allow me to explain this in the next section.

· Sourcing with a Sourcing Agent in China
If you don’t have much experience dealing directly with suppliers in China, a sourcing agent maybe ideal.

An experienced sourcing agent will help you find the right products in China and oversee their quality.

we will take care of most of the sourcing process.

All you need to do is provide specifications and instructions on how the product should look/feel like.

Ideally, using a sourcing agent is the best and most reliable way to source from China without having to travel there.

With this, you will less likely encounter scammers or fraudsters trying to rip you off your hard earned money.

The bottom line:

There are multiple places and ways to source products from China.

What’s important however is finding the right supplier for the product – one who is reliable and you can trust.

Tip: Always strive to have a long-term business partnership with Chinese suppliers. This way, you will get the best deals.

How to Import from China to Philippines

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