Best 100 China Industrial Clusters Map+Complete Guide+Tips

Best 100 China Industrial Clusters Map+Complete Guide+Tips

if want to import from China, you better to learn the best 100 china industry cluster,this article Complete introduces top 100 Chinese industrial cluster, it will help you to sourcing suppliers and purchasing products via importing from China

Best 100 China Industrial Clusters Map+Complete Guide+Tips

Top 100 China Industrial Cluster
Industrial clusters are China’s modern industrial agglomeration methods and “block economy”. It has five characteristics: obvious professional features, a certain scale, complete supporting system, complete industrial chain, and standardized government services.
Industrial clusters have become a beautiful landscape of regional economic development in China. Among the 100 industrial clusters that have been announced, there are 85 coastal provinces including Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, and Shandong. Among them, there are 36 in Zhejiang, 21 in Guangdong, 17 in Jiangsu, and 6 in Fujian and 6 in Shandong. Wenzhou has 10, accounting for one-tenth of the “Top 100.” Except Pudong New Area, the rest of the industrial clusters are manufacturing. Industrial clusters are China’s modern industrial agglomeration methods. It has five characteristics: obvious professional features, a certain scale, complete supporting system, complete industrial chain, and standardized government services. Only Shanghai Pudong’s financial industry cluster belongs to the service industry, which is in line with the development of China’s manufacturing and service industries.
Distribution of major industrial clusters in Guangdong Province:
At present, in the 404 townships in the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong, professional towns that feature industrial clusters account for 1/4 of the total. Such as Nanhai Xiqiao (Textile Printing and Dyeing), Yanbu (underwear), Shiwan Huancheng (children’s wear), Zhangye (knitting), Zhongshan Shaxi (casual wear), Dongguan Humen (clothing production and trade), Dalang (clothing) ), Yunfu Luoding (knitting), Foshan Shiwan (ceramic), Nanhaizhuang (ceramic), Yunfu Yuncheng (stone), Shunde three towns (Lunjiao, Longjiang, Lecong) (furniture) and so on.
Five industries in Fujian Province were selected as “China Top 100 Industrial Clusters” list:
Fujian Province has selected Shishi “China Leisure Sportswear Industry Cluster”, Fuzhou “China Display Imaging Industry Cluster”, Xiamen “China Commercial Electronic Product Cluster”, and Jinjiang “China Casual Sports Shoes Industry Cluster”. Quzhou City, “Chinese snack food industry cluster” and so on.

Cluster brand is to manage the whole cluster as a brand. Its brand name is composed of geographical names and local characteristic industries. It highlights the characteristics of enterprises and regional economy and culture. It is also called “industrial cluster brand”, “regional brand”, and “collective brand”. “Wait. It has two characteristics of regional and brand effect. Regional refers to the cluster brand is generally limited to a region or a city, with strong regional characteristics. Branding refers to the fact that cluster brands often represent the image of a local industry or product. For example, French perfume, Milan fashion, Swiss watch, Jingdezhen porcelain, Wenzhou shoes, etc.
Cluster products have no license. At present, in the process of developing industrial clusters, most of the industrial clusters take an extensive development model and basically remain at the OEM stage. The cluster companies have too many commissioned processing services and only charge low processing fees, brand strategy and The level of brand management is very different from that of foreign developed countries. China’s industrial clusters are at the low end of the global industrial chain. Most of the enterprises in the cluster do their own work for others, causing the consequences of having no products.

One, Zhejiang Province
Wenzhou Lucheng District
The “China Shoes Capital”, “China Razor Blade Production Base”, and “China Metal Shell Lighter Production Base” have three “China” brand name business cards, with 7 Chinese well-known trademarks, 4 Chinese famous brand products, and 4 Chinese famous export brands. There are 22 national inspection-free products, 22 Zhejiang famous trademarks and 19 Zhejiang famous brand products.

1, China’s leather shoe industry cluster “Chinese shoes are” Red Dragonfly, Spider King and Aokang Cornell and Gilda etc.
In October 1996, Kangnai Shoes of Great Wall Footwear (formerly known as Kangnai Group) was named “China’s Top Ten Leather Shoes King.” By 1998, Kangnai, Aokang, and Gilda were the three Wenzhou leather shoe brands. They brought back the “China’s Top Ten Leather Shoes Kings” trophy, and China’s 10 leather shoes kings were immediately brought to Wenzhou by three. On March 15, 2001, Wenzhou’s Kangnai, Aokang, Gilda, Red Dragonfly and other brands were named by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision as the first “national inspection-free products” for Chinese leather footwear. Cornell, Aokang, Dongyi, Gilda, Hung Hom, Spider King, Ritai, Ao Lun, Gull Bird King, Juri, etc. nearly one hundred well-known Wenzhou footwear brands. In 2002, Lu Jian’s three leather shoes brands “Kangnai”, “Dongyi” and “Gilda” won the “China Famous Brand” and had three seats in the six well-known trademarks of leather shoes in China. “China Leather Leading Shoes There are only two kings in the country. Kangnai is among them. Four corporate brands, including the Cornell Group’s “Kona” brand, the JED brand of Jilda Shoes, and the “DONGYI” brand of Dongyi Shoes, were listed by the Ministry of Commerce as key cultivation and developments from 2005 to 2006. Export brand name.

2. China Lighter Industry Cluster
The “TIGER Tiger” brand of the famous brand Tiger Tiger Lighter Co., Ltd. in Wenzhou, China; “Orient” brand of Dongfang Light Industry Co., Ltd.; “Super Ling” brand of Trane Light Industry Co., Ltd.; “Zhengda” of Zhengda Tobacco Manufacture Co., Ltd. Brand; “Fengfeng” brand of Rifeng Lighter Co., Ltd. All five of these are metal shell lighters
Well-known brand “XINHAI Xinhai” brand disposable plastic lighter from Ningbo Xinhai Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Top ten branded lighters
1 Zippo Zippo lighter (created in 1932 United States, distinguished embodiment, produced by Zippo)
2 Dupont S.T. Dupont (Suppliers of Prominent People Around the World, French Brands)
3 Stellar star lighter (Chinese lighter star who clamoured for ZIPPO, founded in Wenzhou in 1989)
4 Double Gun Lighter (Leading Brand of Domestic Cotton Oil Lighter)
5 Wasion VICTOR (Hong Kong brand, well-known brand)
6 Tiger Brand Lighter (China Export Famous Brand Enterprise, Zhejiang Dahu Lighter Co., Ltd.)
7 Dongfang Brand Lighter (Zhejiang famous brand, famous brand, Wenzhou)
8 Xinhai Lighter (well-known brand, Ningbo)
9 Zhengda Lighter (Lighter production backbone enterprise, Wenzhou)
0 Zifeng Lighter (well-known brand, Wenzhou)

Wenzhou Longwan District
3, China’s artificial leather industry cluster
Ruian City
4. China Automobile and Motorcycle Parts Industry Cluster
On October 9, 2003, China Machinery Industry Federation wrote a letter to the Ruian Automobile and Motorcycle Fittings Association and agreed to grant Rui’an City as “Capital of China’s Automobile and Motorcycle Fittings.” Ruian’s automobile and motorcycle industry has a history of more than 30 years. It started in the late 1970s. As the pillar industry of Ruian City, the automobile and motorcycle industry has more than 1300 automakers. About one-quarter of the total automobile and motorcycle manufacturers in China, Rui’an automobile and motorcycle manufacturers are concentrated in the three towns of Tangxia, Handan and Anyang, such as the China Ruili Group and the China Nanyang Automobile & Motorbike Group. China·Sino-European Automobile Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., China Chaoyang Group, Wenzhou Xintian Group, Zhejiang Xinchao Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huaerda Cable Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shenghuabo Auto Electric Co., Ltd., etc. are all in the same industry in China. Among the leaders who enjoy a high reputation, seven have been awarded the title of provincial famous brand: Ruili’s brake valve, trendy fabrics, Nanyang’s combination switch, Waldart’s cylinder line, and Angu’s commutator. Xintian’s radiator, Shenghua wave electric wiper. There are three trademarks that have won the title of famous brand in the province: Ruili, Chaoyang and New Wave.
5. China Casual Shoes Industry Cluster
Ruian is the country’s top three casual footwear manufacturing base. Rui Town, Ruian City was awarded “China Casual Shoes Production Base” and “China’s largest casual shoe production base” title. The background of the town is: Population 80,000, GDP 1.5 billion yuan, fiscal revenue 132.63 million yuan, per capita income 9368 yuan, 10 million yuan village. The town began producing casual shoes in 1992. At present, there are more than 300 casual shoe manufacturers and 227 production lines. According to incomplete statistics, the town produces an annual output of more than 100 million pairs of casual shoes, and the total industrial value is about 4 billion yuan, accounting for 92% of the leather leisure footwear market in the country.
“Leather Footwear” invented casual shoes with perspiration, deodorant, massage function, welcomed by consumers and won three national patents. The products manufactured by Zhejiang Bangsai Shoes Co., Ltd., which is the first pair of casual shoes in China, are listed as recommended products in the EU market by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the French Technology Quality Supervision and Evaluation Committee.
China has become the world’s largest producer of casual shoes, and its output accounts for about 60% of the total casual shoes in the world.
As one of the three major casual shoe manufacturing bases in the country, casual shoes in Quanzhou, Fujian province have developed rapidly in recent years. There are more than 400 production enterprises and the output value accounts for nearly 20% of the city’s total output value. Casual footwear products are more famous for their craftsmanship, uniqueness, development and keeping pace with trends, and a number of casual shoe production enterprises such as Mulinsen, Fugui Bird and Xtebu have emerged. The brand value of “Mulinsen” has reached 2.168 billion yuan. On June 2, 2006, it was awarded the “China Famous Brand”. At the same time, it has become the largest casual leather shoe production base in the country, and the sales of leisure leather shoes ranks first in the nation.

Cangnan County
6, China Printing Industry Cluster
Wenzhou Ouhai District
7. China Lock Industry Cluster
Ouhai District lock products occupy more than 50% of the domestic market, and handle door lock exports rank first in the country. Bohai is the production base of “China Lock Capital”. There are 259 daily hardware companies in the region. The annual output value reached 2.328 billion yuan, and the profits tax exceeded 197 million yuan. There are 5 enterprises with an output value exceeding 100 million yuan and 5 enterprises with an output exceeding 50 million yuan in the industry. Among them, Wuzhou ranks among the top 500 in the world’s hardware industry. “Neutral” and “General Motors” have also become “China Bicycle Locking Center” and “China Bicycle Lock Research and Development Center”, respectively, and have undertaken to revise the national bicycle lock industry standards. Tianyu and Donghua were also rated as provincial high-tech enterprises.

Yueqing City
8, China’s low-voltage electrical appliance industry cluster FATO, Delixi, Zhengtai, Tianzheng and PEOPLE and other Chinese brand-name products
Yongjia County
9. China zipper industry cluster
Pingyang County
10. China Plastic Packaging Industry Cluster
Jiashan County
11. China Wood Industry and Furniture Industry Cluster
Jiashan is located in the intersection of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. Jiashan County is located in the center of four economically strong cities: Hangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, and Suzhou. There are no forest resources out of thin air. The model of “zero resource economy”: Jiashan’s plywood production and processing capacity accounts for one-third of the country’s total, and wood production accounts for more than 30% of the country’s total. Jiashan Wood has been developing for 20 years and there is no national brand. Jiashan introduced the first wood enterprise, Zhongxing Wood Industry Co., Ltd. in 1987. In 2002, it introduced the first Asian company and the third largest company in the world. Jiashan Wood has grown into a towering tree. Hong Kong Mengtian Group founded Huayue Wood in Jiashan and its products are also exported. Long Sen floor is a well-known brand in flooring products and is listed as the top 30 flooring products in China. Zhongxing Wood, Zhongji Wood, Longsen Wood Industry…
The wood industry in Jiashan gradually began to move from the original “Plywood Age” to the “Furniture Age.”
12. China Leather Processing Industry Cluster
Tongxiang City
13. China’s sweater industry cluster
“Tiu Niu” sweaters and cashmere sweaters are “Zhejiang Famous Brand Products”.
The Puyuan sweater market in Puyuan Town won the “China’s largest brand market” and “the nation’s largest sweater distribution center”. The production and sales of brooches at the brothel have now accounted for 60% of the country’s total and 600 million each year. Several sweaters flow from here to all parts of the country. Production companies are world famous brands such as Goldlion, Montagut, Playboy, etc.

Pinghu City
14. China Optoelectronic Industry Cluster
Haiyan County
15. China Fastener Industry Cluster
Wuzhou District, Huzhou City
16, China’s children’s clothing industry cluster
The three major children’s wear industry collections are: Huanshi, Foshan, Guangdong; Zhili, Jiangsu; Fengli, Fujian.
“China’s children’s clothing town” Zhili Town, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, a small town on the coast of Taihu Lake, now brings together 120,000 people engaged in children’s wear and related industries. The number of enterprises has reached 6,000, and the annual production capacity is as high as 260 million pieces (sets). ), domestic market share reached 23%
The “King Wang” and “Sesame-Keeping Doors” and other well-known children’s wear brands of today’s Tong Wang Clothing Co., Ltd., China’s top ten children’s clothing industry brand name
Anji County
17. China Bamboo Processing Industry Cluster
Hangzhou Xiaoshan District
18. China Steel Structure Industry Cluster
Tonglu County
19. China Pen Industry Cluster
The hometown of Chinese pens—Tshui Town in Tonglu County, of which the plastic pens are particularly developed, with an annual output of 2 billion pieces and an output value of 550 million yuan. From the end of the 1970s, the first bamboo ballpoint pen was produced. The sales volume of the water ballpoint pen accounted for 40% of the same kind of products in the country.
“Chinese Writing Pen” Tianjiao Pen Industry

Fuyang City
20. China White Paper Industry Cluster

Ningbo City Ningbo
21, China’s suit shirts industry clusters Luomeng, Youngor, Pacific, Lodz, Pei Luocheng and other “red help” clothing in Ningbo
Yuyao City Ningbo
22. China Die Industry Cluster
Cixi City Ningbo
23, China Household Appliance Industry Cluster
Ningbo City has become China’s third largest home appliance manufacturing base in the same name as Shunde of Guangdong and Qingdao of Shandong. The industrial cluster mainly focuses on Cixi City.
Ninghai County Ningbo
24. China stationery industry cluster
Ninghai County Stationery annual sales of 3 billion yuan, the product is mainly based on hardware stationery and plastic stationery
Famous Chinese Trademarks: Deli, Bin Bin, Yun Feng
Songhe Company and Xingwei Company also obtained the right to formulate national industry standards for color mud and utility knives.
Yiwu City
25. China Small Commodity Cluster(Yiwu wholesale market)
Yiwu more than 100,000 SMEs produce more than 400,000 kinds of small commodities, the products are exported to more than 150 countries and regions, annual sales have exceeded 200 billion yuan, becoming the world’s largest commodity market. “Small Commodities Market” is small, big, and “less” and “thin” to create “more” and “thick”.
Yiwu has 40% of the world’s total production of electronic watches, accounting for 70% of the country’s jewelry, accounting for 50% of the country’s tape, 40% of zippers, 35% of the socks, the country’s largest clean ball, ribbon, cans manufacturing companies, etc. .
The largest pencil manufacturer in Yiwu – Zhongyuan Pen Industry Co., Ltd.
Southeast Asia’s largest jewelry company – Shin Kong Group
Yiwu Shuangtong Commodity Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest drinking straw manufacturer. The annual output accounts for more than one quarter of the global demand for straws, and the monthly profit reaches 400,000 yuan.
Langsha and Mengna socks

Dongyang City
26. Chinese wood carving industry cluster
Yongkang City
27. China Hardware Industry Cluster
Yongkang City is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province and is called the “Hardware City”. Yongkang hardware companies have eight categories with strong competitiveness. The annual output of power tools reached 23 million units, and the total output and export volume accounted for 1/4 and 1/3 of the country respectively. It is one of the country’s largest export bases for power tools, and it is also known as the top three power tools in the world with Japan and Germany. Construction copper strips, anti-slip strips, gas stove burners and copper products account for 70% of national sales. Weighing products and spare parts account for 60% of the domestic market. Electric heaters and other small appliances account for more than 50% of the national market, among which electric razor exports rank first in the country. Yongkang is also the country’s largest security door production base, with a market share of 70%. There are 10 companies advertising on CCTV, and well-known brands include Bu Yang, Xingyue God and Wang Li.
Xingyue Group, the largest private enterprise in Yongkang, is the 62nd among the top 500 private enterprises in the country.
28. China Socks Industry Cluster
Datang Town has more than 8,000 sock makers. In 2002, it produced more than 8 billion pairs of socks with an output value of 13 billion yuan, accounting for 65% of the total domestic market and 35% of the total international market. It is a well-known Chinese hosiery manufacturing base.
Zhejiang Hosiery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jintian Knitting Co., Ltd., Stepman Hosiery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yongxin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., etc. Socks brand: “Danjea”, “Step-man”, etc. have been recognized as the province, Shaoxing famous trademark.

Yuhuan County
29. China Low and Middle Pressure Valve Industry Cluster
Yuhuan in Taizhou City is one of the 13 island counties in China, “China Plumbing, Valve Fine Production (Purchasing) Base”, “China Hardware Building Materials (Valve) Export Base”, and “China Faucet Production Base”. In 2006, Yuhuan plumbing valve exports reached 796 million U.S. dollars, accounting for more than 60% of the national export share of similar products. On the morning of May 30, 2007, “Dabao”, “Bohumin”, “Universal”, “Qingyuan”, The heads of 10 companies including “Sailin”, “Sansheng”, “Kangyi”, “Wandekai”, “Dongsheng” and “Liqun” were from the vice president of the China Minmetals Chemicals Import & Export Chamber of Commerce Wang Minjiang and the county party committee. Secretary Gao Min took over the plaque and became the first Chinese exporter of hardware building materials (valve).
“Crown” has become a well-known Chinese valve brand, lead-free bronze has become the industry’s environmental protection products, “flying ball” development of large-diameter butterfly valve; has “Bo people”, “Bao Shida”, “Universal”, “Qingyuan”, “Yong Dexin, Fenghua, Surda and other well-known companies in the international and domestic markets

Luqiao District, Taizhou City
30. China’s metal solid waste processing industry cluster
Wenling City
31. China Injection Shoe Industry Cluster
Huangyan District
32. China Plastic Mould Industry Cluster
33. Chinese sewing machine industry cluster
Shaoxing County
34. China Textile Industry Cluster
Shengzhou City
35. China Tie Industry Cluster
Zhoushan City
36. China Fishery Processing Industry Cluster
Second, Guangdong Province
37. China Communications Electronics Industry Cluster
Guangzhou Huangpu District
38. China’s consumer goods industry cluster
Zengcheng City, Guangzhou
39. China Denim Garment Industry Cluster
Guangzhou City
40. China Automobile Manufacturing Industry Cluster
Panyu District, Guangzhou City
41. China Jewelry Processing Industry Cluster
Huadu District, Guangzhou City
42, China Leather Industry Cluster
Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong
43. China Toys and Gifts Industry Cluster
Dongguan city
44. China Electronic Information Industry Cluster
45. Chinese cultural goods industry cluster
Zhongshan City
46、China Lighting and Lighting Industry Cluster
47. China Mechanical and Electrical Products Industry Cluster
Shunde District of Foshan City
48. China Furniture Industry Cluster
49. China Household Appliance Industry Cluster
Nanhai District, Foshan City
50. China Metal Processing Industry Cluster
51. China Textile Industry Cluster
Chancheng District, Foshan City
52. China Building Sanitary Ceramic Industry Cluster Foshan ceramics is white stone ceramics.
The largest ceramic producing area in China is Foshan, Guangdong, and the production of ceramic tiles accounts for about 50% of the national production. Boshan in Shandong, Quanzhou in Fujian, Shanghai and surrounding areas, Jiajiang in Sichuan and other regions are also the building sanitary ceramics in China. The main producing areas.
53. China Electronics Product Cluster
Kaiping City
54, China Plumbing Equipment Industry Cluster
Yunfu City
55. China Stone Processing Industry Cluster
56. China Motorcycle Industry Cluster
Yangjiang City
57, Chinese knife and scissors industry cluster
“The Capital of Chinese Knives and Scissors”, “China Scissors Center”, “Chinese Cutter Center”, “Chinese Scalpel Center”
As of 2005, Yangjiang currently has 1,400 corporate hardware and knives and scissors enterprises, which accounted for 64% of the country’s total output. The export volume accounts for 83% of the country’s total output value and the total output value is more than 8 billion yuan.

Third, Jiangsu Province
Yixing City
58, China Wire and Cable Industry Cluster
59. China Arts and Crafts Ceramic Industry Cluster
Jiangyin City
60. China Fine Textile Industry Cluster
Wuxi City
61. China Electronics Industry Cluster
Zhangjiagang City
62. China Metallurgical and Metal Processing Industry Cluster
63. China’s notebook computer industry cluster
64. China Precision Machinery Industry Cluster
65. China Garment Industry Cluster
Taicang City
66. China Lubricating Industry Cluster
Wujiang City
67、China Silk Textile Industry Cluster
Xinghua City
68. China Stainless Steel Products Industry Cluster
Taixing City
69、China reducer industry cluster
Jingjiang City
70. China Shipbuilding Industry Cluster
Donghai County
71、China Crystal Industry Cluster
Nanjing City
72. China Chemical Industry Cluster
Nantong city
73. China National Spinning Industry Cluster
74. China Construction Machinery Industry Cluster
Fourth, Fujian Province and Henan
Fuzhou City
75、China Display Imaging Industry Cluster
Xiamen City
76. China’s commercial electronic product industry cluster
Jinjiang City
77、China Casual Sports Industry Cluster Anta, Xtep, 361, and Hongxing Erke
The current footwear industry in China has already shown an industrial cluster development status. In general, there are four major industrial clusters. First, the Guangzhou Footwear Base represented by Guangzhou and Dongguan, etc., mainly produces mid-to-high-end shoes; the second is the Zhejiang Footwear Base represented by Wenzhou, Taizhou and other places, mainly producing mid-to-low shoes; The western shoe base represented by Chongqing mainly produces women’s shoes; the fourth one is the footwear production base represented by Fujian Quanzhou and Jinjiang, and mainly produces sports shoes.
Jinjiang brand
Apparel categories: Qipai, Rimula, Weilu, Septwolves, Lilang, Jiumu, Wang, Aidu, Hosa, Luozhaya, Colorful Fox, Oriental Camel, Big Winner, Malet, Gupai, Red Baer, ​​Golden House Finch, Lei Ma
Sports: Anta, Peak, Hongxing Erke, Dehui, 361 Degrees, Xtep, Philharmonic, King Lake, Elegant Birds, Kangta, Luyou, Ryukyu (Yalide), Jordan, Water, Meike, CBA Thunder, Hi DeLong, Mingle, Naibu, Golden Apple, Ndong, Buzhizhi, Chi’anda, Fink, Woodpecker, Famous Foot, Happy Wolf, Aishi Banner, Emperor, Helping, Famous, Blessings come , Dragon’s Step, Galaite, Ndong
Food categories: Golden Delicious, Yake, Crayon Shin-Chan, Foma, Hito, Panpan, Hijiro, and Lin Kum Kee
Life Category: Hengan Group (Anerle, Heart India, Seven Degrees Space)

78. China Leisure Sportswear Industry Cluster
The Shishi of Fujian is an industrial cluster mainly based on the garment industry, and is also known as the “leisure capital”.
Shengzhou City
79. China Leisure Food Industry Cluster
Nanping City
80. China Forestry Processing Industry Cluster

V. Shandong Province
Qingdao City
81. China Electronics and Household Appliance Industry Cluster
City of Yantai
82、China Wine Industry Cluster
Shouguang City
83. China’s agricultural and sideline products processing industry cluster
Zibo City
84、China Craft Glass Industry Cluster
Dezhou City
85. China Fiberglass Products Industry Cluster

Sixth, Shanghai/shandong/hebei
Baoshan District
86. China Iron and Steel Industry Cluster
Pudong New Area
87. China’s Financial Industry Cluster

Seventh, Liaoning Province
Shenyang city
88、China Machine Tool and Machinery Industry Cluster
Dalian City
89、China Equipment Manufacturing Industry Cluster
Eighth, Heilongjiang Province
Daqing City
90. China Petrochemical Industry Cluster
Harbin City
91. China Biopharmaceutical Industry Cluster

9. Jilin Province
Tonghua City
92. China Pharmaceutical Industry Cluster

Tenth, Beijing
Haidian District
93. China IT Industry Cluster

Eleventh, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
94. China Dairy Industry Cluster

XII. Hebei Province
Xinji City
95. China Leather Industry Cluster

XIII. Chongqing City
96、China Automobile and Motorcycle Industry Cluster

XIV. Sichuan Province
97. Chinese Liquor Brewing Industry Cluster

15. Henan Province
Luohe City
98. China Food Industry Cluster

XVI. Jiangxi Province
Jingdezhen City
99. Chinese Porcelain Industry Cluster

17. Yunnan Province
Yuxi City
100. China Tobacco Processing Industry Cluster

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