How to Find Chinese Plush Toys Factory

How to Find Chinese Plush Toys Factory

Do you know How to Find Chinese Plush Toys Factory?
Today We will Share How to import toys from China,How to Find Chinese Plush Toys Factory,how to find good toy Supplier,and More Guides&Tips when importing toys from China.

you should know that Toys made in China have lots of categories.

Toy Category Toys Manufacture Areas in China
Remote control toys RC Helicopter, Cars, Boats, Quadrocopter Chenghai, Shenzhen
Diecasts & Toy Vehicles Cars,Trucks, Car Models Chenghai
Toy Figures Lego Toys, Animation Figures Chenghai
Doll& Stuffed Toys Toy animals, Puppets, Mascot, Costume Mainly in Yangzhou and Qingdao, but there are also some in Yiwu, Shenzhen and other cities
Classic Toys Yoyo, Balloon, Balls, Kaleidospce Chenghai, Yiwu, and other cities depending on products.
Learning & Education Toys Toy Musical Instrument Yunhe(Zhejiang Province) for wood made toys
Outdoor & Playground Toys  Kid’s Slide, Seesaw Yongjia (a small town of Wenzhou), the capital of playground toys in China
Models & Building Toys  Building Blocks Chenghai, Yiwu
Baby Toys  Baby Rattles, Baby Walker No specified cities, but mainly in Zhejiang and Guangdong Province.
Puzzles & DIY Toys  Puzzles, Magic Cube High quality Puzzles mainly produced in Chenghai. DIY craft toys mainly produced in Yiwu.

But What Kind of Toys Will Bring You Business?
You should analyze the trend of popular products through Google, or by amazon, EBAY, or offline store sell like hot cakes, and then imported toys from China, by sea to reduce costs, to gain high profits and sales, but the traditional plush toys, cars, cartoon and other classic toys, there is a great demand every day, so you don’t have to worry about sales.

How to Find China Toy’s Suppliers Online

Don’t be deceived by Chinese toy suppliers online as they all tell you that they are factories, and they can produce whatever kind of toys you like. Actually, most suppliers you can contact on Internet are trading companies. Because the scale of many Chinese toy factories are usually not big, and most their orders are getting from trading companies. Some of toy factories also have shops on Alibaba, but they seldom get orders from foreigner buyers.

You can also find many big scale and professional toy factories in toy fairs, such as Canton Fair, and Global Sources Fair.

Some of you may consider some small wholesale platform such as Aliexpress or DHgate, but I don’t recommend you to source toys from this kind of platform, which choose international express as the shipping method. Because toy’s value usually is not high, but product’s size is always big, so the shipping cost is very high when use air freight and express, sometimes higher than the product’s price. So the most economical shipping way is by sea freight, and purchase in large quantity, at least 2-3 CBM, otherwise your average shipping cost for each product will be very high.

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