How to import inflatable air lounge from China?

Tips of how to sourcing LamZac Hangout air lounge from China?

How to import inflatable air lounge from China?

Where is LamZac Hangout Air Lounge produced? China?

Lamzac Hangout was designed by Marijn Oomen in Netherland and its patent belongs to an American company Fatboy who’s also in charge of the market, it’s actually made by a Dongguan (a city in Guangdong province) factory. That salesman from the factory told me they completed their first order of 300,000 air lounges on April.

Numbers small factories in China saw this opportunity and got their models to copy when Lamzac first delivered the preorder items in April. Then we got hundreds of manufacturers making air lounge by the next month.

How to Choose Good Quality inflatable air lounge?

Beyond question, the air lounge purchased by Lamzac is with great quality. So you can take it as an example and find a vendor with similar quality as well as lower price.

1. Know about the size

With a simple structure, it mainly consists of a nylon or polyester outer bag, a PE inner bag, a buckle and several PE tapes for sealing. The original Lamzac hangout is 245 x 70cm (12.5”x6”). Suppliers might offer a really low price with smaller size for attraction. Better check with yours whether his price is based on this size or not.

2. Understand this two types: Single bag & Double bags

Almost every supplier has these two types of air lounge: single bag and double bags. The single bag only weights 1.1kg so it’s much easier to be inflated or packed. But the double bags can bear 150kg-200kg (330-440lb) while the other one could only take 100-150kg (220-330lb).

Although air lounge with one bag is lighter and consume less material than double bags, it’s more expensive. Because it’s harder to produce and requires more labor.

3. Learn about the material

In spite of size and types, the third important thing is the material. Most manufacturers would use polyester 201T instead of nylon 201T. To be honest, nylon possess higher quality and softer touch than polyester, but it’s much more expensive. Lamzac finally selected polyester for cost saving. However, if you’re really into the supreme quality, nylon would be your right choice.

4. Check the Tape quality of the opening

We’ve compared many samples from different vendors, what separates their qualities is the opening part of the bag, the key to durability.

  1. a. The opening part is made up by PE tapes and nylon or polyester tape wrap.
  2. b. Lamzac’s OEM factory used four 3.72mm PE tapes and 420D nylon wrap with 0.29mm thickness.
  3. c. The low pricing producer adopt 0.14mm thick polyester wrap and 2.2mm PE tape.

It won’t add too much cost if you choose 420D nylon for the opening yet your air lounger will be much more durable. You can require this point to your supplier and avoid their tricks.

How to source the inflatable air lounge suppliers?

My team were looking for lower pricing suppliers and found most factories are in the cities gathered lots of garment & outdoor goods makers. For example, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Yiwu, Guangzhou, Ningbo etc. Obviously, it’s a piece of cake for them to copy the air lounge as they’ve enough experience in producing sleeping bag or tent.

we suggest sourcing from this Air Sleeping Bed Sofa suppliers


When you need to figure out whether your vendor on Alibaba is a manufacture or not, you might as well see if it’s located in cities mentioned above and check whether it has items like sleeping bag or tent.

If there’s nothing related to these products, even no polyester or nylon items, probably it’s only a middle man. Even if they do manufacture by themselves, I would be worried about their quality.

Can they print my Logo or customize the design?

Considering about the infringement issue, we suggest not to print your logo on the product. Otherwise you might get prosecuted when your business become really large.

When it gets more and more popular among consumers, you’ll find a great increase of competitors at the same time. A price war seems unstoppable. At that moment, you might try to do some small changes in order to make your product unique, such as use different colors or patterns on the surface or add some pockets for keeping stuff.

These changes might cost you $1 but it’ll keep you out from those competitors and make you more easily found by end users. They’ll prefer your item with tiny changes even you’re $5 more expensive than others.

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