The Lists of Face Mask Manufacturers (kn95 n95) with CE FDA

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1. KN95 FFP 2, CE & FDA Certified Folded Masks 2. 3 Ply Surgical Masks, CE & FDA Certified 3. Collodial Gold Test Kits for Coronavirus 4. N95 Folded Masks. 


 Today,we share the The lists of Face Mask Manufacturers from China govement systerms,these factories making Disposable surgical mask,Protective clothing,KN95 FFP2/3 and N95 3M 1860,Gloves with CE FDA Certified.

Face Mask Manufacturers lists

China Face Mask Manufacturers lists

 You can sourcing form them with lower prices not via trading companies,but lower price mean you should order qty 1000000-5000000pcs and All the factory’s payment terms, they only accetp T/T before shipping.
MASK with FDA&CE 2020

MASK with FDA&CE 2020


 Purchase instructions:

1. there is a Huge shortage of Meltblown, the price rises sharply from 20,000 — 40,000 — 200,000 — 400,000 — 500,000 — 700,000 CNY(CHINA YUAN). Many mask factories cannot keep up with the production capacity, so the face masks price will also double.

Meltblown BFE95-99

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2. Some large factories have been requisitioned by the government, and all production is supplied to the domestic market first. As a result, many orders need to be produced for 3-4 months, so there is no stocks at all, all orders have to queue up.

3 Ply ffp2 ffp3 face mask suppliers

(The 2nd layer is melt-blown,it’s the most important material to protect against viruses)

The melt-blown also varies greatly in quality ,so don’t just look for bargains,lower price mean fake!

3. Beware of low price trap. At present, many small plants produce with poor quality, because they do not have real melt-blown cloth.(As far as I know, this material is in short supply all over the world and is being purchased crazily by all over the world. therefore, this raw material is controlled by the government and even banned from export, so some factories use second-class products or low-cost substitutes.)

4. The suppliers on these lists are registered by the government, but they do not guarantee 100% good quality. You need to review one by one!

Because some suppliers have CE,FDA certification, some have no certificate at all, even if their products are of good quality, but now it takes 2 months to apply for the certificate, and the cost of the certificate has increased three times.

Note: Don’t complain about the poor quality of Chinese products, because the profit of the factory was squeezed by the big traders, buyers only pursue profit, crazy bargaining, the end customer is hurt, this is a vicious circle, and it is not what we want to see.


Conclusion: you as overseas procurement, please think seriously about these factors, after all, these products need to protect people’s lives, your bargain&profit will make factory to reduce the quality…

Of course you can hire us as your China sourcing agent, because we are more familiar with the rules of China, the factory quite near to us, it’s very convenient that we track the production, quality inspection, delivery, you just need to talk about your customers, make sure order is true, the other things we one-stop service.

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