What is your service fee structure and sourcing procedure?

Our Sourcing service is totally FREE,and you don’t pay a cent for our services until you place your first order.

We will try our best to source more suppliers for our customers,and quote the best price.Customers only need to pay us certain service fee in the balance payment. The service fee depends on the total order amount,which is 3%-9% of the total product value.

For more details, you can check:Sourcing Agent Commission Rate

If I want to buy from my own supplier but still want to use your service to coordinate between the supplier and me?

There are two different situations for service fee:

1. For client buying products from his own supplier and he communicates with supplier for all production process, we only help check quality and arrange shipping. If there’s quality issue, we will help client negotiate with supplier. In this case, we charge 5% fee.

2. We help client communicate with supplier for the whole process, like making samples or producing. In this way, we charge 3%-9% service fee based on product value, regardless of the supplier is found by client himself or us. We also help check quality and arrange shipping.

Although client pays a little bit more service fee in the second service, we can help client save lots of time in communicating with suppliers. If there are quality issues happen, we help you negotiate with the supplier on behalf of you until the problems are fixed.

Can you send a sample to checking the quality?

Yes,If you agree the Quotation,we can send you samples for checking quality.(FedEX fee need to be paid)

Normal,Once customers are satisfied with the quotation,We will ask for samples from Factories.Then,we send them to customers for quality checking,and customers decide whether to purchase it in bulk.

If you are not satisfied with our sourcing result,we will keep on sourcing until you satisfied,unless you call off.

Can I pay by Paypal for Samples?

Yes,we accept Paypal only for Samples.(when the amount is under $300),

For Normal orders,We accept Wire Transfer,Western Union,(when the amount is over $300).

Can you offer the lists of Suppliers Details,Need us to negotiate with Suppliers?

First,We will try our best to source several different suppliers for 1 item,and select the best 1-2 of them,then send the quotation to customers.

Normally we don’t offer our supplier’s information to customers,as our working pattern is that customers working with us,and we work with our suppliers.

But the main reason is that most of our factories can’t directly work with foreign customers as they don’t have English-speaking staff.

Our 3%-9% service fee is not only charged to sourcing suppliers,but also for,the most important part,negotiating with suppliers,arrange production/Shipping,and so on,efficiently to save your time and money!

What is the Payment Terms?

For Regular products,less than $5,000 order,we only accept 100% payment when place order.

For Regular products,$5,000-$50,000  order,we accept 50% deposit when place order,and 50% balance before shipping.

For Regular products,more than $50,000 order,we accept 30% deposit when place order,and 70% balance before shipping.

For Hot products and Urgent Orders,must T/T 100% Payment,And Valid Only 1 Day,First Pay,First Get Prior.