Best China Sourcing help you One-Stop Sourcing for Free,Only need you Submit a Ticket!

You can focus on business,and we handle everything until you get products.Working with us,you will Save both More Time and Money.

Steps for Our Sourcing Service
1. Send us details of products you need.FREE
2. You will get product quote Within 24 hours.FREE
3. Confirm price.We send you sample for checking quality.FREE
4. Place order.We help manage massive producing.FREE
5. We inspect quality,and help you manage shipping.FREE
6. Pay us service fee in the last payment of orders.Only 3% FEE AS LOW

I can imagine that now your inbox have a lot of supplier emails from China or other countries,

from a pile of mails filter out valuable information,it is too time consuming…

Yes,Dealing with Chinese suppliers is very time consuming,But Working with BSA Sourcing Agent,you can save More time,cost and energy etc in China.

For example,90% of the suppliers you met online or at local trade fairs might be a typical trade company

while Our local Sourcing specialists can go to the real manufacturing bases to find out some qualified factories for you in person.

Apparently the factory price is much more competitive than that of the trader’s anywhere on the globe,by this way you can save more cost in the business.

In China,almost every city has their pillar industry and each product has one or several manufacturing bases.
Say,if you’re buying Fireworks,you can simply go to Liuyang city,which is called ‘Home of Fireworks’ or ‘Capital of Fireworks’,
where there are more than 400,000 people directly or indirectly engaging in this business in China.
‘Liuyang-made’ fireworks account for 70% of China market and 50% of global market at present.
Another two famous manufacturing bases for this product is Liling,Hunan and Wanzai,Jiangxi,these three manufacturing bases are near to each other.
This is the same Situation to most of the Products in China.
For example:various Consumer products,Clothing Shoes;Hats;gifts;Pet;Toys,Electronic products;Intelligent living;Safety lighting;Auto parts;
Machinery and equipment,Hardware accessories,Building materials,Chemical industry Etc

Now,We help you to handle everything,Help you control all Risk,it also can cut your traveling and transportation costs.

Want to Learn How To Import From China?

We only wrote the Truths that others are normally not willing to tell you,
As we dealt with all kinds products and suppliers,a lot of practical and useful information will be shared in our blog,which comes from our experiences!

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